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Playground Grass Las Vegas

Having a clean and safe environment for your kids to play in is invaluable and at SYNLawn® of Nevada we offer artificial playground turf that is as safe as it gets. SYNLawn® playground grass is made from the industry’s finest synthetic turf, and offers the safest, most consistent surface for your play area. Our artificial playground grass has been tested in our state-of-the-art research and development lab, and is built to protect kids from falls as high as 10-feet under the accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA approved fall attenuation. We construct play areas using the same artificial landscaping turf used for artificial lawns, synthetic grass putting greens, sports turf and more.

When it comes to play area construction, SYNLawn® products offer several benefits that natural grass simply can’t, including:

Typical playground grass falls short when it comes to consistently providing a safe surface for children to play on. Most natural and even other synthetic options tend to wear down over time, making for a harder surface that does little to absorb the impact of a serious fall. SYNLawn®’s synthetic playground turf has been designed to provide a consistent level of safety in any area it is installed in, even in high foot traffic areas.

SYNLawn® products are nothing if not versatile. From residential lawns and practice golf greens to athletic facilities and of course your playground project, our products can accommodate nearly every type of residential and commercial customer. When you set up your free, no-obligation consultation, one of our experts will meet with you to determine the right synthetic product for you and your family.

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