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About SYNLawn® Of Nevada

SYNLawn® artificial grass products are a perfect fit for Nevada residents, and we’re proud to introduce you to a line of products that have set the standard in the synthetic turf industry for over four decades. Each and every day SYNLawn® of Nevada is helping residents of the Silver State to discover the incredibly realistic look and feel of our products and their many other wonderful features.

There is seemingly no end to the many ways our residential and commercial customers and their outdoor spaces can benefit from our state-of-the-art synthetic grass. You’ll find SYNLawn® products (which include 25 varieties of artificial turf) as the centerpiece in a variety of applications that include:

When you think about it, artificial lawns make perfect sense given Nevada’s warm, dry climates during the summer months. Not only do these products replicate natural grass to a tee, they also eliminate the need to water your grass completely, resulting in significant savings on your monthly water bill. As SYNLawn®’s Southern Nevada distributor, we’re excited at the opportunity to bring this type of affordability to you via a product that ultimately pays for itself.

Every client we work with enters into a partnership with us; one in which their vision for their project is honored and pursued. We make a promise to all Nevada residents that we will work closely with them so that in the end their custom project exceeds their expectations.

Call SYNLawn® of Nevada today to schedule your free on-site consultation with one of our experienced professionals. We’ll answer all your questions and keep you engaged and excited about your SYNLawn® installation.