Monthly Archives: September 2016

SYNLawn® of Nevada Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Las Vegas, NV – This August, SYNLawn® Nevada celebrates its 10 year anniversary as the leading artificial grass supplier in the state of Nevada. Over the past ten years SYNLawn® Nevada has taken on several breathtaking synthetic landscape projects for both residential and commercial clients. One of the most exciting projects that SYNLawn® Nevada has […]

Experience Real Golf Performance with SYNLawn®’s Revolutionary Line of Golf Products


Serious golfers know that the only way to improve their game is through consistent practice. For the average person with a career and family, it can be hard to find enough practice time to see any measurable improvement. Thankfully, SYNLawn® of Nevada offers a line of professional golf products that have been specially designed to […]

SYNLawn® of Nevada Offers Artificial Grass Products That Look and Feel Just Like Natural Grass


In the world of artificial grass, no one comes close to matching the same superior products, installation and excellent customer service as SYNLawn®. For over 40 years, SYNLawn® has been researching and developing some of the most cutting edge synthetic grass products in our state-of-the-art research lab, which happens to be the only one of […]