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Henderson Synthetic Grass

Friendly Pet Grass Lawns

SYNLawn®'s synthetic grass is perfect the perfect surface for both pets and pet owners

We offer pet lovers in Henderson synthetic grass solutions that are pet friendly, low maintenance and perfect for pets and pet owners alike. Each of our grass synthetics have been engineered specifically with pet owners in mind to create a fake grass that outperforms the rest. Is your natural grass lawn dog friendly? Natural grass can easily become muddy, messy and infested with ticks, fleas, and other pests that are harmful to the health of your pet. SYNLawn®’s synthetic turf is made to combat all of these common issues to provide your pet with a clean, safe environment. Learn more about our pet grass, and consider a synthetic grass installation for your dog run or backyard.

SYNLawn®’s Henderson grass synthetics provide the ideal environment for your yard or dog run. Benefits for pet owners and their pets include:

What sets SYNLawn® of Nevada apart from rest is that we anticipate the needs of our customers. That’s why each of our Henderson synthetic turf installations come with additional upgrades based on the needs of you and your pet, including lawn security against digging and chewing, rodent protection, and organic odor control.

If you would like to learn more about our amazing product line and how to make your yard more dog friendly, call us today at (702)-365-8873.

Henderson Synthetic GrassHenderson Synthetic Grass

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