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Las Vegas Artificial Grass

Commercially designed Artificial Grass for Lawns

Will your artificial grass work well for my commercial space?

Our Las Vegas artificial grass is the perfect solution for your commercial space needs. SYNLawn® synthetic artificial grass and turf will give you the look and feel of natural grass without any of the costly and time consuming maintenance. SYNLawn®’s artificial grass for lawns is the perfect option for your commercial landscaping project. We are proud that more and more commercial customers are discovering the many benefits of our synthetic grass products. With our help they are upgrading their landscaping; adding outdoor and indoor golf putting greens and making their commercial spaces more appealing for employees and visitors alike. There is fake grass, and then there is SYNLawn®. We invite you to discover the difference for yourself, and begin the process of making your grass artificial today!

All of our Las Vegas artificial grass lawns have been designed to work perfectly for a number of commercial applications, including:

SYNLawn® is the smartest option for commercial projects because unlike natural lawns, Las Vegas synthetic grass artificial lawns require no maintenance and will actually save you money on utilities. You can save millions of gallons of water a year merely by installing our products. And since our lawns are stable in all climates and fit to handle all types of weather, they will still keep their original vivid color and natural feel for years to come.

When it comes to environmental sustainability, SYNLawn® does a lot to ensure sustainability and responsibility during manufacturing and installation. Our products are made in the USA, and all post-manufacturing waste is re-used in the base of future products for added stability and cushion. The U.S. Green Building Council has taken notice of our dedication to environmental responsibility and contributes LEED Credits when you buy our products. SYNLawn® products even come with a 7-10 year warranty, so that you can feel secure in your purchase.

If you’re looking for a way to save your business time and money without sacrificing the look of a beautiful, natural lawn, call us today at 702-365-8873.

Las Vegas Artificial GrassLas Vegas Artificial Grass

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