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Artificial Pet Turf

At SYNLawn Nevada, we install synthetic grass designed specifically for pets at homes, businesses and parks throughout Las Vegas. This alternative lawn solution is perfect for dogs, cats, Guinea pigs, and other four-legged friends because it doesn’t require a lot of work from you. Our pet grass can withstand even the most playful animals with minimal upkeep. Let our contractors design and install a pet area that looks great year round and provides a safe space for your dog to enjoy!

Low-Maintenance Lawn

When pet owners think about their backyards or side lawns, they might envision brown spots and holes thanks to energetic pets. SYNLawn Nevada offers a unique solution to eliminate dead grass and deter digging: premium artificial pet turf! SYNLawn’s products are made from high-quality, synthetic materials that hold their shape and maintain the same gorgeous green appearance that you would expect from a natural lawn.

Landscaping has never been easier with pets in the family because you don’t have to worry about time-consuming upkeep. Once you clean up after your pets as usual, that’s it! The lawn never needs to be mowed, trimmed or fertilized. You can keep your artificial turf looking brand new with frequent brushing and clearing debris as it lands on your lawn.

Dog-Friendly Benefits

Not only is our artificial grass extremely easy to care for, but it also offers a wide variety of benefits that you can only get with SYNLawn. Our artificial pet grass systems offer several advantages over natural grass, such as:

SYNLawn’s dog-friendly artificial grass is perfect for homes, dog parks and even kennels that see hundreds of dogs a month. Our durability is unmatched! Transform your yard into the pet area that your dog deserves. Contact our team today to request your free estimate!

Low-maintenance, dog-friendly artificial grass installations in Las Vegas