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Cleaning and Caring for Your Artificial Lawn

The artificial lawns we install should last for many, many years! But we have some handy tips on cleaning and caring for your artificial turf in order to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed by Las Vegas Artificial Lawns.

Cleaning and Caring for Your Artificial Lawn Is Easy

You could think of an outdoor artificial lawn as being similar to carpet inside your home—although there are some important differences. First of all, the artificial turf we install is much more durable than indoor carpeting. When you always walk in the same places on indoor carpeting, you damage the fibers over time, and the high-traffic areas become noticeable. With artificial turf, it is durable enough that it won’t wear out like indoor carpeting—but the blades of fake grass may become pressed flat. There is an easy solution—just rake it gently (like people used to do with indoor shag carpeting) until the blades of grass stand up again.

A Leaf Blower Is a Great Tool for Taking Care of Your Lawn

No yard, even with artificial turf, is immune to the leaves, sticks, pine needles, and other organic matter that blows in from the neighbor’s yard. A leaf blower is the easiest way to remove this debris when it becomes more than a simple rake can remove. And if you point the leaf blower at the right angle, the flow of air will help lift any flattened grass blades and help them stand up again.

Las Vegas Artificial Lawns Has Us Power Broom Equipment

Another similarity with indoor carpet is the fact that sharp objects that get pressed down into either indoor carpet or outdoor turf can eventually damage the fibers—that’s why it is always a good idea to vacuum indoor carpet on a regular basis. We have the answer for artificial turf—Las Vegas Artificial Lawns is an exclusive U.S. Distributor of US Power Broom equipment, including three models of the Roll and Comb tools for artificial turf. All three are electric devices, and work like a vacuum and rake in one easy-to-use machine.

Dealing With Pet Waste on Your Artificial Lawn

We love our pets, but we don’t always love the mess they leave behind. This includes what they leave behind on your artificial lawn. In fact, your pets (and sometimes the neighborhood pets) may decide to leave behind a mess just because our artificial lawns feel so real! You might have even intentionally used our artificial turf to provide a safe and clean surface for your pets, such as in a dog run. Luckily, cleaning your artificial turf is easy!

There are two aspects of pet waste that need to be addressed—the material they leave behind, and the odor. Whether you pick up after your dog right away, or wait until it dries, our artificial turf products won’t become damaged or stained by pet waste. Therefore, picking it up, or leaving it to dry and then raking or using a leaf blower will take care of it. But the odor can be a little more difficult to deal with because the odor is made worse by bad bacteria.

The Best Products for Removing Pet Odors

Our artificial turf products include an antimicrobial compound in the backing of the turf in order to reduce odor. Therefore, if it is just a spot here and there, you won’t even notice the odor. However, if there is an area that is frequently used by pets, especially in a dog run, you may need a little more help. That’s why we recommend a product like (1) Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator or (2) Turf Fresh. These products not only include a deodorizer—they also include some good bacteria that help break down the waste and completely eliminate the odor. (This is just like adding good bacteria to a septic tank, or even taking a probiotic for your digestive health.)

You may find other suggestions online for dealing with pet odors in artificial turf, including vinegar solutions and even bleach. These may indeed be effective—but they are also not always gentle on your artificial lawn. That’s why we highly recommend the products described above, which are specifically made for artificial turf.

With Regular Cleaning, Your Lawn Will Last for Years

Because our artificial turf products are so durable, your artificial lawn will last for many, many years. Using a leaf blower as needed, plus a little raking, will usually keep your lawn looking new. If you have trees or other sources of organic material, our Roll and Comb equipment will do the job quickly, easily, and efficiently. And if you are picking up after pets, some easy-to-use pet products made for artificial turf will keep your lawn smelling good as well. All in all—your new artificial lawn will be beautiful AND easier and cheaper to maintain than real grass.

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