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Can I Install Artificial Grass On Top Of My Existing Lawn?

If you live in the Las Vegas area, surely you’ve heard about the city replacing grass with artificial turf in order to cope with the ongoing water shortage. According to a recent Reuters article: “Las Vegas is ripping up millions of square feet of grass – including greenery along the iconic strip – as the city struggles with a decades-long drought made worse by climate change. Lawmakers last year outlawed turf that is only decorative, and property owners across the city are replacing grass with a mix of artificial turf and desert-friendly plants.”

Install Artificial Grass from Las Vegas artificial lawns in Las Vegas, NV

So naturally, many people have been wondering about the best way to install artificial grass lawns. Can fake grass be just laid down over an existing lawn, or does the natural grass need to be removed first? Luckily we have lots of experience in this very topic.

There are a couple of obvious benefits of installing artificial grass over existing grass. Clearly the installation will be faster. You’re skipping a big step! And you might save a bit of money because no one will have to do all that work removing your natural grass. Grass removal and ground preparation require a lot of labor and expertise, so you might be able to do this job yourself if you don’t care about those parts of the process.

Sound great? But wait. But this is not how the process usually goes. There are a number of big reasons why artificial turf installers much prefer to remove existing grass first.

Grass can be persistent. Most of it will die when you cover it up, but some of it will keep growing. You’ve seen how grass can grow up through cracks in concrete or asphalt. This will happen to your artificial turf unless the grass is removed and a proper weed barrier is laid down.

Clumps of grass under your artificial lawn will never be smooth. They will make your lawn feel uneven under foot, and look lumpy as well. They can even cause bumps that cause people to trip and get hurt. A good artificial lawn is always smooth and safe. And if you have any hopes of putting golf balls on your artificial lawn (this is one reason many people have them installed) all those bumps will drive you mad.

The ground must be properly treated before your installation, or else there is a high risk of flooding and other drainage problems. Keeping your existing grass makes this step of the process difficult or impossible, which can lead to serious problems for your lawn as well as your house.

Your Artificial Lawn Experts

Las Vegas Artificial Lawns offers transformative landscapes for homeowners in Vegas. As the area’s trusted artificial grass installers, we work with residential and commercial customers, as well as contractors. We offer financing options from GreenSky to help you realize the benefits of your new artificial grass lawn. Contact us today to get your quote.